I have just uploaded a new build of the game. It contains a number of changes I worked on throughout this year. I've been very busy with university work these last few months so my apologies for the lateness of this update.

I've tweaked the balance in a number of ways:

- You can now dodge past eachother. Players will turn around automatically as long as they're not busy with an action.

- Windups and release frames are slightly longer. I noticed that there were some issues with the way the game played animations, causing some animations to be cut off early or flicker. The difference in speed between the 3 attacks should now feel more obvious, and counterattacks are more useful when trading blows.

- Shoving now has its own button. Hold the shove button and press forward to shove, press backward to pull your opponent behind you. The pull is useful if you find yourself stuck in the corner. The shove animation timing has also been tweaked, and a shove that connects is faster than one that misses.

- Enemy AI has fewer blindspots and is weak to various tactics. The aggression of the AI is tied to difficulty level. Master AI is bullshit hard again.

I have included a mode which lets you pick the number of rounds to win, and a survival mode in which AI will arrive one-by-one to fight you as the stage gets more bloody. Blood can now also splatter on players, and I have tweaked the particles to be more accurate to the animations.

There are some new options too: 

- Cropped aspect ratio lets you crop out some of the image in order to display the game at 16:9 or 8:5 resolution.

- Subpixels will run the game at double the native resolution to reduce jaggies on rotating sprites. Originally the game ran at a much higher resolution but I realised that it was needless for a game in this style. The option for subpixels is a compromise for those who would like a smoother look.

Finally I included a new Outskirts background.

Let me know if I broke anything.


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Aug 12, 2019

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Any plans to add peer-to-peer multiplayer?

Hey, just got into the game and have been playing it for a while, it's really underrated and I hope you didn't disband it or anything

In which programing language did you wrote this game?

I love this game very much, but i just got a new macbook and i forgot that this game doesn't run with them, idk if you already discussed this or if you can, but can you make it playable on macbook too?


YES! thank you! That was a what this game needed.