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A small fighting game started in 2017.

Face off against a friend or fight the computer.

This game can be played with a gamepad, a mouse and keyboard or just a keyboard.

Multiplayer can be played with either 2 gamepads, or 1 keyboard and 1 gamepad.


Gamepad (xbox):

X = Attack

A = Dodge

D-pad = Move/Aim Sword

RT + direction = Shove

Gamepad (playstation):

Square = Attack

X = Dodge

D-pad = Move/Aim Sword

R2 + direction = Shove

Mouse and Keyboard:

Left Click = Attack

Right click or C = Dodge

Mouse = Aim Sword

WASD = Move

Middlemouse or V + direction = Shove


Z = Attack

X = Dodge

Arrow Keys = Move/Aim Sword

C + direction = Shove

How to Play:


Pressing attack will perform a horizontal attack.

Holding up while you attack will perform a high vertical attack.

Holding down while you attack will perform a low vertical attack.

Holding the attack button will let you delay your attack.

Holding your attack will charge your movement speed when you release it.

You can cancel an attack before it begins by dodging.


Incoming attacks can be blocked by holding your sword at the correct height.

If you press attack immediately after blocking you will perform a counter attack.

When two attacks meet in the air they will be parried.


There are two kinds of dodge:

A normal dodge will duck under a horizontal attack, but you will be vulnerable to vertical attacks. You can block while ducking.

Pressing up while you dodge does a sidestep. You will avoid vertical attacks but will be vulnerable to horizontal attacks. You cannot block while sidestepping, but pressing down will change your dodge into a duck.

Holding the dodge button will let you stay down until you release it.

If you press attack while dodging you will attack after getting up.


Hold the shove button and press forward to push your opponent away. Press backwards to pull your opponent towards you.


Blocking your opponent and pressing attack as quickly as possible will result in a counter slash that will be faster than normal.


Blocking attacks, being shoved, and missing swings will build up fatigue which slow your attacks down slightly.

Fatigue recovers very quickly when you're not currently performing an action.

Fatigue can be avoided by dodging instead of blocking, aiming strikes carefully, and using footwork to stay out of range.

The first attack to connect will win the round.

More About:

This game is a prototype and is rough around the edges, especially the menu.

Let me know in the comments if you have any feedback or suggestions about the gameplay.

If you find any bugs or crashes please leave a comment so I can investigate.


If you get this message:

FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation
ShaderName: shColorReplaceBlend

D3DXCompile failed - result

You need to update DirectX. Try this:


I've found that occasionally the game will run slowly on certain machines for no reason. If the game is sluggish try opening the options.ini file in notepad and changing the line:




This might fix the problem.

^ This should be fixed now.

The game is running at half-speed (30-40fps consistently, feels sluggish and slow):

Try opening the options.ini file in notepad and changing 'AlternateSyncMethod' to 1.

You can also try running the exe in compatibility mode.

Also try installing Visual C++ 2012 x86 and x64.



Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(640 total ratings)
Tags2D, Gore, Local multiplayer, Multiplayer, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few seconds
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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Poxa será que esse jogo vai lançar pra mobile? Queria jogar;--;


Begging my friend to try it

(1 edit) (-1)

The .exe keeps crashing no matter what I do. Please help

coming from steam. the game is just awesome. just hoped there would be an online mod to play with friends online

You can use Parsec
(link: https://parsec.app/)

This looks incredible!

Fun. Looking forward to the paid version on itch.io.

Tell us the 2 player command

funny game,make me a ninjia


O jogo é maravilhoso, a ideia é simples porém muito bem aplicada, muito ansioso para as próximas atualizações


Please make it possible to play online!


When I try to select a control scheme from the menu to play it, i get a Code Error that says:



FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation

ShaderName: shColorReplaceBlend2

D3DXCompile failed - result



called from - gml_Object_obj_menu3_Draw_73 (line 97)


bro can you make a story line i think that will be good  

: )

if you see this comment and you want make a story line for this game,please contact with me,i could write a story line for this game for free. : )

(1 edit) (-1)

Hmm i want it but i can't make a game and if you can make that game and free why not, let me play it bro

Sorry if Language bad im not american hehe

SAMURAI! (Steam Version)!

So simple yet so fun! Also very visually pleasing


Игра хорошая , мы с женой знатно повеселились. Когда-нибудь куплю полную версию в стим. Спасибо за разработанную игру.



i bouthg the steam version, very cool

Man, my friend and I played this game together and it was chaotic and insanity and incredibly funny a lot of yelling and laughing. You did a great job man

My friend, this game is simply magnificent, I can’t even describe my emotions at the moment, but I can safely say that your efforts were not in vain :3

Excellent game! I wish there were similar games out there, I love the simplicity yet the challenge that comes with it. Just by adding a background to the menu and textured buttons and it could easily make its way into one of the best simple indie game I've ever played.

Adding multiplayer could be an actual challenge, the ping difference would be much more noticeable when you only have a fraction of a second to counter-attack a block or dodging, but it would definitely make it easier for friends to play together, even if not competitively.

I can't wait to see what you add on future updates!


Absolutely love this game, it sometimes has be smashing my head against a table during scenarios though lmao. Would love a option to sheath katana it would feel quite nice.


The Steam release has that.


I'm loving the game so far! I think the mechanic I'm having the most fun with is the dodge mechanic acting as a pseudo wavedash when you continue moving while dodging. If you were cool with it, I would love to know your process when coming up with the dodge and how it affected the movement in the game. I have a personal project that would really benefit that kind of knowledge and I would love to talk about it with you!


Essentially the dodge movement was designed so that you could reposition yourself and try to get behind opponents. Rather than making a singular, timed dodge, I thought it would be more fun to have two dodges: horizontal and vertical, so you would have to read incoming attacks, and the attacking player could read your dodge and adjust their strikes to catch you. This meant being able to hold the dodge input, and as a consequence, you could use it to skid and cover more ground. This ended up being a lot of fun, as you could also use it in place of a dash to quickly reposition yourself, and players always responded really well to all the dashing and sliding, so it stayed in.

I guess what I really want to ask was the process of how it was coded into the game. I want to make a fighting game where one of the key aspects to it is the movement and the idea I had with my brother was to have forward and backwards combined with square would create a dash movement, similar to how you have the dodge mechanic. The game is pretty much still just a thought of a concept, but it's something that I really want to work on as soon and as much as I can lol. Also did you use a well known game development engine, or was it mostly done on your own?

It was made in GameMaker Studio 1.4. The game uses a state-system. The normal state is 'idle', allowing for basic movements and raising/lower the guard. The dodge input gives a burst of speed in whatever direction you're holding, and puts you in the 'dodge' state. You can't move in the dodge state, but the friction is lowered so that whatever speed you're moving at will last longer, and holding a direction will affect that friction, so if you hold the opposite direction you'll skid to a stop quicker.

Thank you for this awesome game! I just bought it on Steam. Is it possible to add a small feature to the game? Like pressing the O button to sheat your sword so you can switch between lethal and nonlethal attacks while ingame without going back to character setup

Thanks! That's a good idea, I can't promise anything yet but I'll be keeping that in mind. It would be really cool to swap modes, like flipping the sword and using the dull edge instead.

That is great too. Would be fun^^ Thank you

(2 edits) (+3)

After 23 attempts I killed a dude on master mode, better than mortal combat in my opinion

Edit: I just realized finished version comes out in a hour!


so easy

Poderia adicionar mais coisas tipo uma lore, ou novas armas algo do tipo .

Creo que las nuevas armas lo harían menos basado en samuráis y perderían el punto principal del juego.


o jogo na steam tem lore, esse não.

I don't know if this is a bug or not but when you play the hardest difficult and die the computer keeps swinging. By the way love the game

its supposed to be like that

(1 edit)

problem: if I get more than 1 kill in survival and die the game still says one kill so that'd probably be good to fix

Hi, if you kill an enemy before he draws his sword it doesn't count towards the score. The score only goes up if the enemy is ready to fight. Thanks for playing.

but ive killed them when they have drawn there sword and it still doesnt count it, but it does if I kill 4 and then it says I killed 2

That's definitely not intended, but I can't replicate it myself in the game. The count isn't going up sometimes, or every time?

it seems like its every time,  but idk why im only getting this

actually it is just because I kill them before they draw their sword


gg nice game


Estou ansioso para próximas atualização me diverti bastante jogand


Very good game pls i want 3d the blood have a good physics and this is not ultra hard that very good keep going that good


It fu***ng insane. Wishlisted Steam game!

This game is so Good , was epic if has a history , i love it



One word: serene, brutal, tactical, spacing, infuriating, addictive, timing.

After about 2 hours I finally broke even on infinite mode against normal with 301 k/d. 9.9/10 because the cursor starts at the top every match instead of where I left it.

Maybe I'll donate when I regain access to my paypal..


It's that, what i've looking for


good game. need various tactics to win. so not monotonous

is there a chance of this ever being ported to mac?


I really enjoyed the game, everything was perfect, more custom clothing would be great! Aside from that it's really fun to play with coop. I really like the detail, the way blood splatter away is satisfying.

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