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A small fighting game started in 2017.

Face off against a friend or fight the computer.

This game can be played with a gamepad, a mouse and keyboard or just a keyboard.

Multiplayer can be played with either 2 gamepads, or 1 keyboard and 1 gamepad.


Gamepad (xbox):

X = Attack

A = Dodge

D-pad = Move/Aim Sword

RT + direction = Shove

Gamepad (playstation):

Square = Attack

X = Dodge

D-pad = Move/Aim Sword

R2 + direction = Shove

Mouse and Keyboard:

Left Click = Attack

Right click or C = Dodge

Mouse = Aim Sword

WASD = Move

Middlemouse or V + direction = Shove


Z = Attack

X = Dodge

Arrow Keys = Move/Aim Sword

C + direction = Shove

How to Play:


Pressing attack will perform a horizontal attack.

Holding up while you attack will perform a high vertical attack.

Holding down while you attack will perform a low vertical attack.

Holding the attack button will let you delay your attack.

Holding your attack will charge your movement speed when you release it.

You can cancel an attack before it begins by dodging.


Incoming attacks can be blocked by holding your sword at the correct height.

If you press attack immediately after blocking you will perform a counter attack.

When two attacks meet in the air they will be parried.


There are two kinds of dodge:

A normal dodge will duck under a horizontal attack, but you will be vulnerable to vertical attacks. You can block while ducking.

Pressing up while you dodge does a sidestep. You will avoid vertical attacks but will be vulnerable to horizontal attacks. You cannot block while sidestepping, but pressing down will change your dodge into a duck.

Holding the dodge button will let you stay down until you release it.

If you press attack while dodging you will attack after getting up.


Hold the shove button and press forward to push your opponent away. Press backwards to pull your opponent towards you.


Blocking your opponent and pressing attack as quickly as possible will result in a counter slash that will be faster than normal.


Blocking attacks, being shoved, and missing swings will build up fatigue which slow your attacks down slightly.

Fatigue recovers very quickly when you're not currently performing an action.

Fatigue can be avoided by dodging instead of blocking, aiming strikes carefully, and using footwork to stay out of range.

The first attack to connect will win the round.

More About:

This game is a prototype and is rough around the edges, especially the menu.

Let me know in the comments if you have any feedback or suggestions about the gameplay.

If you find any bugs or crashes please leave a comment so I can investigate.


If you get this message:

FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation
ShaderName: shColorReplaceBlend

D3DXCompile failed - result

You need to update DirectX. Try this:


I've found that occasionally the game will run slowly on certain machines for no reason. If the game is sluggish try opening the options.ini file in notepad and changing the line:




This might fix the problem.

^ This should be fixed now.

The game is running at half-speed (30-40fps consistently, feels sluggish and slow):

Try opening the options.ini file in notepad and changing 'AlternateSyncMethod' to 1.

You can also try running the exe in compatibility mode.

Also try installing Visual C++ 2012 x86 and x64.



Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(531 total ratings)
Tags2D, Gore, Local multiplayer, Multiplayer, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few seconds
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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literalyl impossible to play if youre sharing a keyboard with one person


This game so BRUTAL but fun at the same time, like bro, i one slash my enemy, and my screen full of tomato sauce


lo recomiendo muncho, es un poco confuso al inicio,  pero despues de un tiempo le entiendes un poco 

Can't find anyone else mentioning it so... I have a laptop with a 240Hz monitor and a surprising number of games actually run at that framerate on it. I won't be surprised if First Cut remains 60fps, but I'd be happy to see 120 or even higher as an option for those whose PCs can keep up.


i have an idea add if u swing ur mouse with the sword the attack will be faster


This game is amazing. I played it quite a few times in the past, but it has always stuck with me. I wanted to play it again, and now I see it's coming to Steam. I'm really excited about this. It's a fantastic game. Thank you, and godspeed.


Can you add different classes


I'd sign up for First Cut classes (I'll probably need them, I'm a bit rusty)!


lololol that's not what he meant

Probably not, but it was more coherent than my opinion on the intended topic. I'm still bouncing from "that's genius" to "that's the dumbest idea I've heard" and hitting every step along the way in both directions...

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi ,can you please add this to the Nintendo switch I have been looking for a solid sword fighting game for a while now. 



the deep is calling 

deep woken reference?

yea lol

Definitely anticipating this, may I ask what you're gonna charge for the Steam Version?


Thanks, it's going to be around $8.99 at launch.


Thanks for the reply, I wishlisted this a while ago and I can’t wait for the official launch.

hey will there be support for MacBook

also I got this error message while trying to run this game on an emulator called "Crossover" that uses wine  could you tell me what this means?  

FATAL ERROR in Fragment Shader compilation

ShaderName: shColorReplaceBlend2

memory:33:19: E5015: Multiple variables bound to s0.

memory:3:11: Variable 'gm_BaseTexture' is already bound to s0.

called from - gml_Object_obj_menu3_Draw_73 (line 97)


do not recomend

after dying to the foolish mode 47 time i went into a deep rage and which i also broke my own neck from brute force also fractured my 4th rib

I can't play the game with a gamepad!

How to add a gamepad?

Hi, gamepads should work automatically if they're plugged in. This has only been tested on Xbox (xinput) and Playstation (directInput) gamepads, so a third-party controller may or may not behave as expected.

thanks! :)


It's one of the greatest and most realistic samurai games out there, however I believe you should incorporate more character development, such as:

Increase the number of outfits.

Include other styles (two-sword style, Iaido, and so on).

Add a plot


Cool game


Hello I will be checking this game out LIVE tomorrow 7/24 around 7-730 PM EST =) Twitch.tv/twallsx4


amazing game. played it with a friend for at least 2 hours. looking forward to the full version! Love the style.


This game is Awsome 

I'm Going to wishlist the Steam version


Awesome and lots of fun! I have wishlisted the Steam version.




Game running with low FPS (30 - 40). Already tried run with compatibility mode also already changed "Alternate Sync Method" to 1 and finally already tried install Visual C++ 2012 x86 and x64. Any other suggestions?


Hi, you could try setting VertexBufferMethod to 2 instead, or sleepmargin to 10.


Didn't worked. Maybe a hardware issue?


It could be. The engine can work in mysterious ways sometimes. It's the same framework as games like Undertale, Nuclear Throne, Risk of Rain and Hotline Miami, so google searching for the same problem in those games might help.


I give this game my highest recomendation. Only ever managed to get 5 fights in in survival, but I didn't like lower diffculty so that's probably why. Mostly played on indoors map so I could paint with blood 



best game I've ever played.


O ataque para baixo é muito parecido com o ataque para frente.

마스터는 어떻게 깨죠?;;

(1 edit)

It's a great game. Colleague and I have been playing it a lot, can tell we're getting better at it too.

My only nitpicks, if I had to name any, would be:

  • Fatigue building up when blocking. I get that dodging is a little harder but if anything, I would expect successively matching the enemy's attack direction would be rewarding rather than punishing.
  • Horizontal vs uppercut stances are extremely hard to tell apart once things get hectic. Dunno if that's an intentional design choice but it seems a little odd.

Definitely looking forward to the new version on Steam.

This gaming is so amazing!! can't believe I haven't seen it before!!

This game is a godsend

hola como estas no se si tu puedas darme acceso al editor del juego para poder exponerlo en un proyecto con tus respectivos creditos que me parecio muy buen uego?


Amazing vibes on this one <3


played this as part of a 3 random videos. Loved the concept, although I think I need some practice 😬

Looking forward to the full release!

The game was good at first. But then suddenly troubles arose. For example, when I press the block key, it returns when it should block. and it doesn't get better like that. fix this 8/10 (if you fix bugs)

This game is awesome

Is this Chinese style?

Buen juego pero podría ser un poco más rapido los controles y los bots un poco mejor hechos en cuanto a variedad de movimientos, le di a la maxima dificultad y se ponia a spamearme un ataque, solo tuve que esperar a tener una ventana para derrotarlo.

(1 edit) (+2)

it get to the controlls selection and when i select one it shows this 


FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation

ShaderName: shColorReplaceBlend2

memory:67:22: error: syntax error, unexpected NEW_IDENTIFIER



called from - gml_Object_obj_menu3_Draw_73 (line 97)

what do i do?

i had the same problem

The folder you download will contain a txt file called 'read me', open this file and pull to the very bottom, you will see a URL, open it to update your shader. :-)

this one you see


(1 edit)

the minimalist design and the ambience are really good. The shove/attack combo is now my favorite method of execution :P


Will there be a multiplayer version? not the 2p but an actual online multiplayer that has server regions, It would add the fun to actually duel with somebody at this one


Que buen juego hermano 😁 que te vaya excelente en tu futuro crack!


it's great, but here is my rating.

size: not big for a great game

performance: runs good with a 4GB laptop and 2 apps running

appearance: very nice

skill required (for me): not much but becomes progressively harder each difficulty

combos: hard to do but easy once you got the hang of it

gore: really good

suggest to get it? DUH, if you've got half a brain you'd understand it's free 


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