Closed Beta on Steam

Edit: The beta is closed for now. Thank you to everyone who signed up.

Hello everyone,

Today the beta version of First Cut: Samurai Duel is now available for just under $10 via Patreon. Patrons will get a Steam key that will give them access to the beta and a Steam copy of the full game on release.

You can read the FAQ about it here:

The steam page:

The beta is running on Steam so that Steam features can be tested, as well as for making it easy to update and secure.

The full game will be available on at launch, so if you'd prefer an copy then I'd recommend waiting for that.

Please check out the beta FAQ.

Thanks for reading.

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Forgot to comment on this previously... am excited to see the progress on this, and looking forward to the version!

It looks absolutely amazing!

Really loving the beta, glad to see so many bugs fixed so quickly, you're a damn machine fr.

if anybody wanna give me their keys hit me up lol

I'll leave my comments here in case anyone has any extra keys....