New Update

I just rolled out a new update.

I added a few appearance options to the player select menu. You can now choose between a few hairstyles, a hat and some robe alterations in addition to the colour picker. In addition I have reworked all the sprites slightly with small tweaks and improvements.

I have also added a simple options menu. You can choose the sound effect and music volumes, and to run the game in fullscreen mode. These options will be saved and remembered when you launch the game. I will most likely continue adding to this menu in the future.

The blood particles have also been reworked to better reflect the direction of the killing blow and the subsequent wound. A bloody sword can also be flicked clean by attacking again after a kill.

A remix of the main menu music has been added to the fights for the sake of variety. The two tracks are chosen at random but the option to pick between them might be added when more music is introduced.

I have also gone over the sound effects with some improvements and the pitch now varies between sword clashes which makes a big difference to the feel of the game.

Besides that there are small tweaks to the AI and to the game balance. The ability to buffer sword strikes while blocking was broken in a previous update and has been added back in. The AI is now more proactive about keeping their sword swings in range of you. The shove has been tweaked to make the fighter more vulnerable if they miss.

I also added a sunset variant to the arena stage.


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Aug 21, 2018

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