New Update Released

I just released a new update with some tweaks and new content.

I have updated the main page with information about the new dodge mechanic plus more detail about the general game mechanics.

There is a new stage background and I added a stage select screen to the menu. The menu controls are also a bit more intuitive now. I'll be overhauling the menu eventually but for now it's still very basic and clunky.

The new stage uses a slightly different perspective from the other stages and I'll probably add a few more in that style for variety.

The AI has been tweaked to be less aggressive and to back off occasionally to make some space. The AI also uses dodges now and I tried to make them vary their attacks more.

I have also optimized the game quite a bit and added a simple pause button.


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Jul 03, 2018

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How does custom background work?

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks for recording yourself, it's a really valuable means of feedback.
Master difficulty is downright silly, I saw him do some stuff in your video even I didn't know he could do.  Good job beating him.
The window for blocking is quite wide but it can be tricky recognizing each attack in time to react to it, especially using keyboard controls. I'm thinking of adding a 'game speed' option so new players don't get thrown in the deep end.

This game is the best! 10/10

Thanks buddy.