Impending Update

I noticed this little game started getting more downloads lately and I figured it was about time I gave it some love.

The game will now be compiled using the YoYo Compiler which should lead to performance improvements on weaker systems. If the game has been running in slow motion for you this should hopefully fix that.

I am also working on a new mechanic:

A well timed dodge can give you an advantage, but poor timing will lead to a swift death. I am still playing around with how it will work; at the moment you can use it to duck under horizontal slashes or as a mini-dash to step out of enemy range. It can also chain into a quick followup slash as a counter.

I'm also trying to figure out how to improve the keyboard controls. I play this game with a gamepad and that's what it was built for, as such it is significantly harder trying to aim your sword using the arrow keys. If anyone has any ideas for how to make keyboard controls more comfortable I am open to suggestions.

This update should be arriving fairly soon once I'm happy with the tweaked mechanics.

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