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Just a general update on my progress towards the new premium version of First Cut.

I've been recreating the character animations from scratch, and have now finished drawing all the original keyframes in the new style.

For those unaware of the animation process, keyframes are the main poses of the character when performing an action. With these poses completed I have moved onto drawing the 'in-between' frames that connect them and give each animation its timing and fluidity. The original First Cut animations were created hastily and have few frames of animation, so I've been focusing on increasing the frame-rate of each action for a smoother visual experience, as well as increasing the number of colours used for a greater sense of depth.

The original walk cycle had 8 frames, and this has now been doubled to 16.

On top of that I have been animating the character in more layers than before to allow for a greater amount of customization for the fighters, and more unique looking AI enemies. Initially I chose a robed character because it was much easier to animate a character with hidden legs, but this time around I'm putting more effort into the anatomy.

With this new style I'm hoping that each fight will have a more convincing sense of motion, and a more cinematic look.

As for the original version of First Cut, I'm hoping to release an html5 browser version sometime in the near future. I've been experimenting with it and so far it works surprisingly well, aside from 3 issues which need addressing (the mouse needs to lock inside the window, the pause function doesn't work, and the shove doesn't connect). I've been asked a lot to create a version of the game for other operating systems but haven't had much luck, so I'm hoping a browser version will allow for more players to access the game.

Thanks for reading.

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I'd definitely pay some good cash money for this when it's complete.

amazing! cant wait, hopefully it wont be slow like the current version... cant seem to fix it....

try one of his suggestions one the first cut main page, scroll down and you should see a suggestion that's crossed out, a bit lower is your solution


the upper body looks static but at the same time the legs are so smooth. I think you should make more animations on the upper body. keep working man I love this game!


I really thought that this game is dead but holy.... did not expect that you are still working on it.

 really hoping to see more from you!!




Holy mother of God you're still working on the game! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Awesome! Love the direction this is going, really looking forward to more


Really neat! Thank ya for the update, this game has been a personal favorite of mine so it's pretty cool to see updates! (づ ◕‿◕ )づ