My Return

Hello everyone,

After a long period of inactivity I've returned to First Cut, with much thanks to my new benefactor who has provided some financial incentive and useful advice.

It has come to my attention that an engine-level cpu bug has been causing a lot of players to have a sluggish experience with the frame rate arbitrarily capped at 45fps or so. Running at that speed the game will look and play slower, and it took me a long while to catch this as it's very prevalent on modern hardware but I have been using an old PC for a long time.

With this little update that problem should be solved for most players, but let me know if there are still any issues. To some this game speed didn't even appear to be a bug, simply the natural speed of the game, so this could make for quite a change.

To clarify this, and to aid speedrunners in recording their games, I have added an FPS counter to the options menu. The game should be running at a solid 60 as intended at all times unless the computer running the game is very slow.

Since this change won't be very substantial to some players, I have also added 'blood multiplier' and 'blood speed' to the options menu so you'll have something new to play around with. Increasing the blood may have a performance impact so bear that in mind.

In addition to this I have begun work on a premium version of the game to be sold some time in the future. This version will have improved graphics, extended customization, new game modes, and some slight changes to the mechanics without re-inventing the system or overcomplicating it.

Here's a preview of the new graphics, currently a work in progress. The original player is on the left, and the new version is on the right.

I'll have more news and things to show in time. The free version will remain available as always and may still receive bugfixes and other QOL additions if needed.

Thanks for playing, and let me know if I broke everything.


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Nov 29, 2021

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Any more news soon!?

Hello, I'm currently re-drawing all the art in the new style.

And I'm doing it in layers to allow for a better clothing system:

I'll make a proper blog about it when I've got more finished animations to show, hopefully soon. Thanks for checking in.


this is awesome, thanks! 
I'll be looking forward too it.


This is sick! Looking forward to it


Bro i love your game so much. The mechanics are so addicting. And i find myself developing a play style. I would love if you added some kind of story! Even if it had no real lore i would love to fight unique characters as thy gradually get tougher to fight! Also i would love to make content going over this game, especially if there was something to grind towards even if thats some kind of boss battle. Thanks for reading man im really stoked for the next update!

Thanks for playing, I've got something like that in mind for the future.

Love this game style, would love to make some sound designe for this!

Looking forward to seeing more of the premium version of the game!


Is there any way I can DM you? I would like to work with you and ask a few questions.


yesss, looking forward to it.