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good game short but i liked it

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Is online multiplayer planed in the game?

It's a possibility after the Steam launch.

Good game, cool mechanics (i haven't found any bugs yet)

what engine was the game created on?

GameMaker: Studio 1.


Hi, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The main concept on the game is quite good, and I'll say that it has some nice arcade machine vibes ^^

-The gameplay mechanics are "simple", they are easy to get into but if you play against another person or the higher AI it really feels quite deep and in a certain way the learning curve isn't defined by the game itself since it relies more on the player to learn about the movement, etc.

-Visuals are on point, the levels are beautiful AF and simple enough to keep the player focused on the fight. I'll say that the particle effects are awesome and more gore than I expected, but it works perfectly ^^

-Adding some polish and depth to the game in general would end up in a flawless little game ^^.Good looking, fun, with interesting gameplay mechanics, and a good addition to the "couch gaming" collection ^^.

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thanks for the interest! Drasuns is indeed working on it to make a much better version.

does this game have a discord server or something?

Yes, it's linked in the last update post.


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Edit: Sorry just found out there's no bug, just my illusion. The player can cut up to four times after a kill.
Not sure if this is a bug or its intended, whenever I perform a kill with a downwards strike, then continue to cut up the body with a downwards cut, I only managed to cut up to 4 times, which is head, hand, hand, torso. The last 5th cut(or cuts) to the remaining legs is missing.

If I remember correctly, a horizontal kill in a medium distance allows the player to cut up to 5-6 times, which includes downwards cuts to the remaining legs.

Its quite satisfying to cut people many times, truly the most attractive feature of the game.

Bug report:

Not sure if the bloody background is unfinished or the graphics has failed to load. But the bloody waterfall area doesn't have a bloody river.


rapid chess

Love your game! Especially the background art!

How do I select a bloody background? Its so cool! I have seen the bloody background in random map fights but I can't seem to set it in map selection.


It's a rare random encounter.

Someone explained in detail in the discord server how to use custom backgrounds:


Simple and very polished mechanics, I love it

good game

i got 10-102 in master, i am proud


best game ive played from, not even kidding


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Could you mind telling me in what game engine was this game made?


Hi, it's GameMaker: Studio.

Are you using their GML Block or their GML code? 
Also is GameMaker: studio priced or not?
Cause If I remember correctly GameMaker is free but GameMaker: studio is pay to use or I'm just dumb and forgot

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I use GML code. They just call it 'GameMaker' now because they dropped the 'studio' title recently. They have a subscription model these days, but I bought GMS1 on sale a long time ago and I still use that version, which is unsupported but it has no subscription. Currently they only sell GMS2, with a subscription.

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Damn you lucky I missed GMS1 it's kinda sad that they made it to be on subscription now and not a one time payment


very beautiful

i can finally be the samurai warriors from my japanese anime

Do you have plans for online duels?

Post-launch on Steam, they might be implemented.

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Just scored 44 on master im feeling so proud about myself

Deleted post

mama mia

i like the way it looks, dodging attacks and the way the player attacks, its, just incredible

its just perfect


This is one of the best portrayals of swordsmanship I've seen in a video game.

I like it)

so grea!

I keep on getting virus scan error, it is a thing that I have to fix or some error game files? because on downloading other games are fine


If this appearsWindows SmartScreen Alert | SecureW2

Press More info and then run anyway should appear below and pressing that should let you run the game.

If you meant something else, try specifying your problem a bit more and maybe I or someone else can find a solution. Hope this helps.

How do I get my playstation controller to work in game?

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I used a ps4 controller but this will also work with any other kind of external device, here's what you do:

1- Connect your controller to your computer via bluetooth or cable

2- Open steam and activate big picture mode

3- Go to settings → Controller → Controller settings and make sure your controller has been identified(I recomend naming it so you can recognize it more easily)

4- Go back to Controller → Base Configurations → Desktop Configurations

5- From there you can now customize and set the buttons according to the First Cut controller scheme you are using.

If you want a more visual aid I found this video helpful: 

Hope this helps, best of luck

Like this


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Why normal mode so hard T _T

Finally, a game I downloaded from twitch for my games folder that isn't going into the 'hgames' subfolder. You should know this is high praise on this website.

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absolutely awesome, makes me wanna play Ni Ten Ichi Ryu (Two Swords, One Heaven) by Photek with this game lol

love seeing this game getting updated,  reminds me of Bushido Blade and Hellish Quart (fun fact : there was a Samurai called Hasekura Tsunenaga who went to the city of Rome around the 1600s, so maybe we could possibly see a samurai in HQ, or maybe when we see mods support)


Slick as a hell. Love all the little animations for each kill.

amazing, 2d bushido blade

Can you turn off blood?

There will be an option for that in the full release on Steam.

One of the best games I've played in a while, I feel like it would benefit from an in game tutorial because the combat is so complex but the complexity makes the game really fun for me. 10/10

Glad you like it! There will be a tutorial in the full version that will be released on Steam.

dude I mist be on something because when I dodge down I still die by the enemies down attack, but when he does the exact same thing he pulls it off? I don't understand this logic, and also my attacks are really slow some times. Ok if I have a lot of fatigue, but when the round just started!? I read how the fatigue stuff works, but sometimes it looks like some times the things that supposed to give fatigue doesn't. And the things that shouldn't does, either I have a old version (I got this game 7-6 days) or this game has a lot of bugs.


You're not tripping, you just have to dodge with your sword looking down so you're invulreable to side, and upward attacks, but the ai tries to switch do an attack from above, switch stances to counter.

For the low fps, check Drasnus's solution, I'll copy and paste it here for ease of use:

The game is running at half-speed (30-40fps consistently, feels sluggish and slow):

Try opening the options.ini file in notepad and changing 'AlternateSyncMethod' to 1.

You can also try running the exe in compatibility mode.

Also try installing Visual C++ 2012 x86 and x64.

And finally, turn on visable fps so you can see if it's the fatigue or just your computer. Also, it's buggy because it's more of a demo or initial version of the game, if you check the update logs you'll see Drasnus is constantly working on the new version. Hope this helps :)

ok thanks dude this helped a lot but ngl doesn't fixing the game by yourself just a bad idea? because who knows what could happen, and also doesn't have a standard of what games can be uploaded here? Not trying to insult them or anything but its sorta a mess.

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Well yes, you have a point but it's still a  prototype, quoting Drasnus: A small fighting game started in 2017.

It's currently more of a barebones version but Drasnus's working a Premium version which he'll release on steam idealy around november-december. You can see the progress he has made in the art passes, which is actually really impresive(It's right above the comment section).

So, with time, we'll get a nice, polished and refined game and I bet you it's gonna be worth the wait.

PS: sorry for the repition, I forgot I told you about the artpasses before

or maybe u post first cut on steam

Drasnus can we have naginatas and other weapons next update please 

is the new thing out already?

Not yet. It will be on Steam when it's ready.


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