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Really Like this! 


Amazing, it's a gem as it is. I hope it gets expanded as much as possible since the core gameplay is so good and could maybe be squeezed for a lot of content aside from the duel mode.


So well made game, Totally recommend it

more fun if you play with someone

Yea dude because if you play anything more than normal its impossible to kill them.

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I mean, practice really does makes "perfect", I usually try to play the game as much as possible in my free time during classes and I've gotten quite good, to the point where I've gone from almost giving up on the game because I didn't understand how to even dodge, to the point where I have beaten the Master 100-65 at a quite consistent rate.

It just takes practice and learning the algorithem. Just make sure that before you advance in difficulty, you are profficiant in beating your current opponent. If you can barely beat the current AI, you're most definetly not ready for the next one.

(Heads up: Fighting the Master AI is not practice so you can then go fight your friends, the AI has a pattern you can memorise. You can't anticipate what a person does like you can a program. So try doing both, fighting your friends and the AI so you can get the best of both worlds). Hope this helps :)

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Yes i saw the updates, it looks hella cool ngl if it was paid i wouldn't be able to get it because of my parents. but still the dev can do what ever they wants.

Edit: and also why doesnt he upload the new version, doesnt seem like everyone will be mad because they love the game. And also he can just leave the current version up so they can have there cake and eat it

Well, he wants to finish it before making it public so it isn't a buggy mess, he will leave the free version up though.

Also, unless your parents are super strict they'll let you get it. Grindologist(Drasnus's "payer") actually said that it'll be super afordable and pretty much inexpensive.


This game is my favourite game from i just beat the hardest difficulty bot in a first to three and made my little bro cry when i destroyed him. Very much recommended.


It's covered by the fps counter but I managed to get 14 kills on the master ai in survival.


Any chance on a discord for updates on the next game? Seriously cannot wait.

I see a lot of people have been asking for a Discord which is fair enough. I don't often use Discord myself, and I generally prefer to keep updates somewhere easily archived and accessible, but I'm sure it'd be convenient for people to get pinged whenever I post something. I'm going to update the blog some time soon with more of the new content so I'll consider making one. Thanks for playing.

Do you already have a place where you are currently posting updates?

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Currently the art passes are our only form of insight besides the comments left, a discord would be awsome but it would take time to set up so let's see what they decide to do

CyB0RG200731 is right, I'm currently using the blog on this page to post progress. I think cross-posting, and smaller more frequent progress updates would be more valuable going forward though.


Amazing game! I love the pixel art and the fact you can turn more gore on and off.



when you don't do anything, the opponent doesn't kill you. they just repeat horizontal slashes which are automatically blocked. Is it supposed to be like this?


Hi, I just did some testing. It seems to occur with the Master AI because it attacks so quickly that it doesn't have time to position itself closer before swinging again, and it keeps getting pushed back by the block. I couldn't replicate it with the other AI modes. This is an oversight, and I'll patch it some time soon. Thanks for the info.


I think a coop campaign feature would be cool, but its propably hard to implement.


make a discord server for updates :)

I love this :))))

Me and My friend loved this game so much, we are making a discord to host tournaments for it, just wanted to see if you be interested in joining, of course we called it the unofficial server

Yeah, but it's all up to the creator, if you want it down, it's down, whatever you says goes.

Here's the link if you wanna check it out, right now, we are still in the middle of making it, so sorry for the mess rn

The invite expired.


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Great gameplay and visuals. Could you please add a CPU vs CPU option that would make really interesting fights to watch and makes replayability more. Also would make great Youtube AI fight series.

Its fun and gory but a little short lived, that coming from someone who only played the free variant.

it would be fun if it wasn't the most inconsistent and annoying fucking game ever made

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THE ONLY ONE         



I was able to get to double digits before the master difficulty got to triple digits I'm so proud of myself


50 - 206 i have become god himself

Goodness me it was so hard to find this game again after losing it the first time. Hell finding it the first time was impressive haha.

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Same bro i just found it i had to look up 1v1 one shot sword game to find 


This game is beautiful! I often go into the game and cut enemies to pieces. Very nice backgrounds and characters, very much looking forward to new updates. And by the way, how much will the premium version of the game cost? What will it include? (There may be errors because I write through the translator)

Under $10.

is there going to be online multiplayer?

It's not currently planned for launch but it's something I'd like to address eventually.

TOP, love it, my first donation to a free game, wish you could add at least one ninja in black suit. 😁

The premium version will have extended customization options.

Muito bom, te prende e suga sua alma até a fome ou o banheiro te tirar do pc

Hi, can multiplayer be played using one keyboard it'll be great if u respond

Hi, the game supports a basic shared keyboard layout. Select 'left side' or 'right side' when picking control schemes. The new premium version I'm working on will let players pick custom layouts.


it is really good game controls may be a bit difficult for the first time but one can get used to the controls and after that the game is fun


It would be so nice if there were different weapons, like Naginata, Odachi and Tanto along with the Katana we already have.

Great game anyways.

best game ive played in years

this game goated

I'll be real, most entertaining game I've played in a while. 15/10


add lightsaber version pls pls plspls spspslsp


¿What if you call the new version First cut: directors cut ? I mean, the name is neat, at least for a dlc or something.
Anyway, the game is looking really good, the updates too, i will buy this on release.

Thanks, that's a pretty good name. :)


It's a witty name, but search engines would confuse it with movie cuts, so it would be hard to find the game for a new player.


add mac support please :


very good i like it a lot! Played for hours with bf<3

For some reason the music stopped working


Норм игра

is there any new updates?


What a fantastic and coherent game. A true blood rush. 12/10 rating


Really cool one. Definitely one of the best game of this genre. Everything done ideally: fighting, models, background, physics, gore.

P.S. The only thing is I didn't get how to push enemies back.

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