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Hey, the game is very good so far, i was initally impressed how satisfying to win the round is, the animations and blood particles are so good. I especially love how it has the anime/realisim  mixture to it. I am personally a fan of high skill games with blades and the such and this game really suits me.

Thus, i have some suggestions for you, some of which may be have been already mentioned.

It's kind of hard to tell if the attack was parried or not so it would be nice to see some sparks of something to indicate a parry.

Sometimes it's also hard to tell which stance you are in since i would be looking at my opponnent, so maybe some simple sprite in a corner somewhere could show that? (like a man standing with high/mid/low stance).

As for the wakisashi, you could do 2 hit kill instead of one, though then balancing would be hard ;/

Also an empty level with a peacefull dummy so that you could test the range/speed/ etc of the weapons.

For something to keep people playing you could do infinite waves (Just continuously  spawn enemies) that would be even more satisfying (with all the blood accumulating ).

But hey, keep up the good work, i see a lot of potential with this game that you could turn into something bigger.

Hey man,

I'm currently close to releasing a new update with some improvements across the board. The parry is something I'm currently looking at as I think the mechanic needs some extra depth. I can also add a stance indicator - I imagine that'd be useful for playing with the mouse controls.

Your comment inspired me to try out a survival mode like you mentioned - that's done now, and it will be in the new update. If you thought the blood looked ridiculous before, imagine what it looks like after 10 fights in a row :)

Thanks for playing.

I am happy to hear that you're continouing the development of the game!
Yeah i am pretty excited to see the survival mode :D, all the blood effects would make it look really cool.

Also are you planning on a LAN mode any time soon? I would love to play with my friends sometimes Maybe even a 2v2 where you have 2 planes of duels (As in, it would be the same way as it is now, but 2 different depths on the screen). I know it's a bit hard to implement, especially i have no idea how it would be done in GameMaker (since i use Unity myself, previously used GameMaker a bit)

so i have suggestion, question and something to warm your heart.

when two people do an attack it shouldnt be always bouncing off, i think that parry will only work like : mid  attack can parry mid attack and low attack can parry high and high can parry low i would make sense for me.

can you do something so two players can play only on keyboard (in some cases having a mouse is unfair) because i want to play fair matches with my friends and dont hear their compleins about me having a mouse hahah.

game is awesome! its that fun and good that i am even writing a comment despite my lack of ,,english skill,, hahah

i am looking forward to new updates and you can be sure that i'll donate someting ;)

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 

Thanks for your support.

I'm currently figuring out a way to add more depth to the parries. My thoughts were along the same lines as yours, with sword direction playing a part. We'll see how that goes. It's been awhile since I updated because I got so busy lately, but I've got another small update planned soon and I'll probably try out some tweaks to the parrying.

I'll also go ahead and add support for playing on the same keyboard. It'll be pretty clumsy but as long as everyone is equally disadvantaged then it's a good call.

A very good game. Simple yet smooth and very addictive, specially when fighting against a human opponent.

In an era in which we have a lot of useless features on games, being hard to learn how to play without any sense i encourage you to keep developing this one without loosing it´s simplicity and quick learning. Sometimes more complex doesn´t mean more fun.

Thanks for a nice and beautiful game

Thanks buddy. Simplicity is one of the key principles of the game so no worries there.

Mine keeps showing random textures or cutting to black every second or two how do I fix that?

Hello. I'm not sure exactly how to fix that bug as I haven't encountered it before, but I have a suggestion. Try opening 'options.ini' (it's in the game folder) and change the line 'VertexBufferMethod=1' to 'VertexBufferMethod=2'.

This game is fun and REALLY beautiful, but sometimes the gameplay feels a bit lacking. Fights ususally devolve into a spam-fest after the initial dash attack. This makes the push mechanic mostly useless as you're left defenseless while holding the attack key. Even if you pull it off, the time lag is the same on both the receiving side and the pushing side so you don't get frame advantage. The same can be said of both the up and down attacks. When spamming you'll parry any attack that comes at you no matter the angle. They look cool but that's about it. The dodge seems to do the exact same thing as a normal block so that doesn't really enrich gameplay either.

To fix it you could buff counterattacks. Then, blocking or dodging would give you a huge advantage over someone who only spams. The opponent would still need time to react, though. You could also add a little more knockback. That would be enough to be able to back away and charge a strike. To help with the push mechanic (because even if you get rid of spam it still leaves you very vulnerable), you'd need to give a few more frames to the person who pushes. That might make the move a bit op, though, so you'd need to play around with it (it might also be best to leave it where it is). I think adding a perfect parry/dodge system (when your dodge or parry is frame perfect you'd get an advantage of some sort) would also help enrich the gameplay. It might be tricky to balance this and it would probably lower the skill cap so this might not actually be that great of an idea.

I don't have much game making experience myself and I honestly might just be playing the game wrong, so take my comment with a grain of salt.

I'd like to see more weapons added to the game. Even if it's alot of effort to add a new playstyle right now, you could maybe make new sprites and animations using different weapons but with the same behaviour as the katana (basically just a reskin to add variety and customization). If you want to actually add new fighting styles, may I suggest a katana/wakizashi combo? The one-handed katana could be slower but have more reach, while the wakizashi is used for quick close range attacks.

My brother also mentioned adding a beat 'em up/hack 'n slash type gamemode, fighting against multiple CPUs. Maybe a more arcade-y thing with a recorded scoreboard?

Hopefully I don't sound too harsh, because I legitimately like your game. You did a great job!!


Thanks for the detailed feedback. I'm always happy to hear what people think, especially since balancing a fighting game is a tricky thing.

A lot of my balancing comes from fighting the AI and trying to prevent any one move from being too cheesable. It's always more interesting to fight a real person though and I get a lot of insights about the game from doing so. The AI always fights 'optimally' but I've seen players do all kinds of interesting things, including kicking my ass after learning the game in 10 minutes.

The intent behind the dodge is to give you a means of avoiding a hit without becoming locked into a blocking state. Ideally a perfect dodge would have you exiting your dodge just after the enemy has missed, giving you a brief window in which they are defenseless. A back and forth of parrying will lock you into a particular rhythm of attacking and blocking, and dodging ideally lets you disrupt that rhythm. The same goes for counter attacks. When fighting the AI a well-timed counter isn't a guarantee of victory, but if I chain them together I eventually find the sweet spot where the blades collide but the attack gets through anyway. Both of these things can certainly be tweaked though and it's a matter of finding the midway point between under and overpowered. The game is always a one-hit kill so I usually lean more towards under-powered just for the purposes of feeling fair.

Parrying is definitely overpowered at the moment but I feel that it's an essential mechanic to prevent ending the match in seconds due to pure luck. I wanted it to be easy and intuitive to defend yourself. At the moment I'm thinking of fleshing it out by making the directions of the strikes affect how the parry comes out. An up-strike and a down-strike colliding will cause more stun than two up-strikes glancing off of each other. In theory it'd mean you could get locked into a spamming match but then aim your strikes to gain the upper hand against someone slashing at random. That said I was never quite sure who should have priority during a parry, since reactive parrying is very difficult due to the long windup on all the attacks.

The directions of the strikes are intended to be a trade-off between range and speed. The low-attack is quicker than the middle-attack but it's also much easier to avoid due to its short range. Like most of the mechanics the difference is just a matter of a few frames but those frames can make a big difference when you're trying to land a hit during their brief recovery state.

The shove move definitely needs work. Having to hold attack while tapping a direction was intended just to reduce the number of buttons the game requires, since one of my design principles is to make it as simple to pick up as possible. It clearly causes some problems though, so I'll probably change it to a different input. Maybe pressing attack and dodge together? At the moment you skip some of the animation if the shove lands, but it's subtle and I could make the difference more obvious. My friend also keeps insisting that I put the dash mechanic back in (from a much earlier build) but I replaced it with the charged hits awhile ago and I'm not sure if it would be redundant since the dodge already lets you step out of danger.

Anyway, by all means feel free to give me feedback on the mechanics. It's extremely valuable for polishing the game.

I like your idea for a different weapon style, I'm just apprehensive about balance - especially regarding fast weapons. Usually you balance fast weapons by making them do less damage but in a one-hit game I'd have to find other ways of making them feel fair. Different playstyles are definitely something I want to attempt but it would be the most work out of any potential additions. Foolishly, I designed the player customization by just putting all the different combinations together on multiple sprite sheets instead of using layers in-engine. I'll have to overhaul that system if i'm going to be adding a lot of new player animations, otherwise I'll have to import an absolute ton of images.

Your brother will be happy to know that I've been planning an 'adventure' mode for a while (it's actually the reason I added player customization in the first place). I'm not quite sure how it will turn out but the idea is that you'll fight a bunch of simpler AI on the way to a boss AI.

You don't sound harsh at all, thanks for playing and for letting me know your thoughts.

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One interesting suggestion of mine, it's been quite a while since I've commented on this really cool game too btw, but here's one good suggestion. Since the game already has a very good blood splatter effect and what-not, you think that the kills could have some physics behind them too? That would beautiful, I'm not saying that the kills now are bad, or unintriguing, but it would be pretty cool to see something like this. Huge props on your game man, lovin' it a lot. PS: Some more weapons would be cool too, like a nodachi, and a naginata, you probably wouldn't add these considering that this is mainly focused on katana blade duels, would be pretty cool tho.

Hey dude, thanks for commenting. It has been a while since my last update because I got busy with school again but I do plan on continuing soon. 

By physics, are you referring to things like ragdoll effects? I'm always interested in giving the game more impact so you can be sure I'll be tweaking the kills over time. I've been thinking about adding new weapons or fighting styles since the beginning but it would be a huge undertaking so for now it will likely remain as just katanas. I do like the idea of different fighting styles (I particularly like the idea of a drunken-boxing style of swordplay) but keeping everything balanced would be my number 1 priority.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around. I really appreciate it.

Sorry for the late-ass reply, and no problem man, I always love sticking around with these sorts of games, and yes, I do mean ragdoll effects. And honestly not a surprise or problem that you'll just stick with the katanas, no problamo. New fighting styles sounds hella dope though, love the ideas of your own man, looking forward to other things you'll be adding too.

Amazing game you got here, but I would like to recommend the following. First, fixing the menu, it is kinda hard to navigate with that menu, add background too like a scenery or some sort. Second, a story will be good because you should put a reason why he is fighting with those men, like for example those men burned his village or something that's why he's haunting them for revenge, it's only an example though. Third, better character and sword customization, add different kinds of clothes that he will use, like armors and stuff, put a set of wakizashi too if you find it cool. About the sword customization, you should let players change the color of the sword's handle or add some different swords lmao. Fourth, add a durability bar for the katana below your character, when the katana's durability is exhausted, he'll use the wakizashi as a replacement for the katana. That is all, I really, really want to see your game progress at this point. I'll comment again if I got new ideas. Thanks for the game :D

Thanks for your thoughts. I'm still figuring out how I'm going to proceed; some of your ideas line up with my plans, some don't, but we'll see how it turns out down the line. A little story mode is definitely something I'm interested in, plus fixing the menu and more customization. I'm glad you like it.  :)

Thanks for noticing my comment, Im looking forward to your game :D Goodluck bud!

Wow, amazingly fun, captivating. You really nailed the feeling of suspense even on mouse and keybord. Love to see what this turns into, care to add boken and other weaponry to? This can be huge! much love!

Thanks! I'm still figuring out where it will go. It would be great to add some new weapons but it might require another overhaul of the player sprites and a lot of testing to keep it balanced. We'll see how it goes. I've considered adding a boken for a while since it would only require changing the sword colour and adding a 'knocked out' animation.

Okay, this is awesome.

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AMAZING game. beautiful artwork amazing combat. however this game must have multiplayer. if you add online to this it will be A M A Z I N G. i know you probably have other things to add but consider adding multiplayer sometime. ALSO consider adding different swords and achievements. again wonderful game amazing work

Thanks man. Adding networking is a lot of work but I might just give it a shot sometime.

Why does the level go red for some rounds? Is this a easter egg?

Yes. There's a small chance that you'll end up in one of the 'blood' stages.

How do I play 2 player?

You need to have a controller (either xbox or ps4) and a keyboard.

How do I play 2 player?

Why then i press start game is throw error?

What does the error say?

Sorry,game work now i just didnt download DirectX Sorry again

I thought it might be that. I'm glad it's working for you.


Great video, thanks!

ok. this is beautiful. the atmosphere is gorgeous, and the combat is complex enough not to be mindless. an idea would be to add more characters. (like a samurai, or an old man.)

Thank you. I'd like to add more characters at some point in the future when I have more time.

I'm in love!


Great game! Are you gonna update it more?

Yes, that's the plan.

Well, the sidestep doesnt work for me, is it by pressing w?

It depends on your control scheme. If you're using mouse and keyboard: it's right click to dodge and if you're holding your sword high or low you will sidestep.

Really cool game! Early to say, but it's intuitive enought that would work nicely on mobile also.

Thanks buddy. I hadn't thought of that but I'll consider it.

I cant imagine this game's future.



wow this game is very good i like it

Thanks buddy

this really intense

Thanks for taking a look

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Awesome update. Love the new customization options and how you get the blood off of your sword. The randomized opponents are cool too.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

Np dude.

Absolutely amazing.


A fun little time waster. It is best VS a friend. :)

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

An older version but I enjoyed the game and getting my head chopped off.

Good effort, thanks for posting.

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Small game yet highly addictive, true mastery of game making this one thanks, here is my playthrough 

Hey man. I love the video; thanks for taking the time.

when its this good, its worth the time ty

This game is a TON of fun!  I'm not too great by any means, but I did knock out a few Master rounds! ⚔️⚔️⚔️


Hey dude, great video. It's always fun to see how people do. :)

Thanks, glad ya liked it!  Excited to keep up with future updates.

Awesome man. I want to make something like this. I've been thinking about a bushido blade clone for a LONG time...

Thanks man.

do you use GameMaker?

That's right

I am working at a game in GameMaker and i think it will be ready next week. Can you plase just take a look at it when i post it?

Sure, I'd be happy to.

Thanks man!

amazing graphics, overly difficult playstyle


Thanks man. The next update will have some difficulty options. It won't be long.


Brings back memories of Bushido Blade. Awesome game!

Thanks man. It's more or less what I was going for.

A decently hard game that I found to be........more or less good. It was a challenge at first, then I got a bit more used to it.

Hey dude, nice video. Thanks for taking a look. :)

Fighting with the keyboard can be a little tricky but it looks like you got the hang of it.

a bit lol and np I enjoyed it

this game is pretty good, nice aesthetics and beautiful blood... blood!

Thanks man.

Can't press anything. Stuck on the option screen.

(1 edit)

Do you have a controller?

Edit: In the current build press Start on a controller or Space on keyboard to begin.

I have a controller, but I play with my keyboard usually. Tried pressing Space, didn't work.

It looks like a fantastic game! i just wish i had a controller to play it with, Please consider making it playable for PC

I'll add some keyboard controls in the next build.

Updated. You can use keyboard controls now.

The description mixes controls for controller and controls for keyboard, could you fix that?


I just saw that X was a Playstation Controller button, i use some other so i dont remember


Hi Joel. X refers to the blue button on an xbox controller, and [] is intended to represent 'square' on a playstation controller. What controller is it that you're using?

Its an Xbox 360 controller

action number 1
of Async Event: System Event
for object obj_menu:

Push :: Execution Error - Variable Index [0,4] out of range [1,4] - -1.player(100047,4)
at gml_Object_obj_menu_Other_75

this is what I get once I plug my PS4 controller in.. 

I think I know what's wrong. Let me try a fix.

another thing I noticed is that the AI can somehow magically stop their attack to counter. I don't know if that is a feature I can use too or just a bug in the AI. I do enjoy the game as difficult as the AI can be. I also found out that if your cornored you just spam the attack and kill your opponent :/ which you can abuse to the max to never lose, so that would be worth looking into as well

The AI is a little basic, but it uses the exact same base code as the player. Instead of being controlled by hand it makes decisions based on a script. As far as I know it shouldn't be able to interrupt its own actions because like the player it only has control when it's not currently attacking or blocking. I'll keep an eye out though, maybe it's just parrying?

The corner thing should be an easy fix if I just make the AI back up when you're cornered. I'll try it out.

I'm going to push a new build soon with some difficulty options that will affect the AI's reflexes and aggressiveness. It should be a bit more forgiving for new players, plus an extra hard mode for a bigger challenge.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll see what I can do to tweak the intelligence as I go.

I just tried out your new update and honestly, I couldn't ask for more. You really outdid yourself with this update, the difficulties match perfectly with the actions of the bot (easy like the bot takes 2 seconds to attack xD). Another thing I've learned from the bots is to use the dash more often. Like when the bot has to recover from a strike or a parry, which is very handy.

Hey dude thanks for sticking around.

Yeah I haven't quite worked out giving the AI the dash yet. I tried a long while ago and it was zooming around like crazy. I'll figure it out in time I guess. For now it's your advantage. :)

I just updated the build. I don't currently have a PS4 controller (or a 2nd controller) to test this stuff so any feedback you can give is greatly appreciated.

it works really well now, the AI is really challenging but not impossible. I hope you make more of these kinds of games as I can't really find any of these kind of games

Thanks man. I'll keep at it. :)

Are you thinking about making a windows version?

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