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I created these animations a few years ago as part of a prototype fighting game which eventually evolved into First Cut. 

I thought it was about time I looked through my unreleased work and put some of it to good use, so I'm making these animations available as assets.

The pack contains animations for a silhouette (completely black) character wielding a long sword or a battle axe. The character is 17 pixels wide and 48 pixels tall when standing (not including the weapon sticking out), and the size of each image including empty space is 128 x 68. The extra space was used when animating and it's advisable to trim it when using the sprites in an engine.

The character has the following animations:

- Standing idle (4 frames)

- Walking (4 frames)

- Running (14 frames)

- Running attack (13 frames)

- Weapon swinging (high, middle and low) (11 frames each)

- Weapon swing (alt) (11 frames) (this was the low swing before I edited it to be even lower)

- Weapon blocking (high, middle, and low) (7 frames each)

- Back dash (8 frames)

- 2 hurt animations (knocked back, knocked forward)

-3 death animations (falling back, falling forward, decapitation) (12 frames each)

- Kneeling down  (7 frames)

The animations were created for a game with weighty movement and long weapon windups (ie: dark souls) but you can edit the timing yourself for other types of projects.

The animations are included as individual frames sorted into named folders.

I have also included the source files so that you can make edits and export the sprites yourself if you'd like. The source files are in .gal format and can opened in GraphicsGale (it's free). Replacing the sword or axe with a different weapon should be easy provided it is swung with both hands.

Feel free to use these in your own projects, commercial or otherwise.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Silhouette Pack.zip 450 kB


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drasnus you should make a medieval game like that after first cut.


Hi Casper, I hope you're doing well. I'd definitely like to make something with a medieval aesthetic in the future.

aye' ty for asking


That is really cool..

Sword attack animations reslly good ,on point


Ya these animations are top notch, would be interesting to see them rendered with textures.


This is amazing!! So inspiring!

Thanks buddy.