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This is really cool!

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I bought this package from you. Thank you very much. 

if you for some reason dont like it anymore i would love if i can have it cause i dont have bank account


Hi, the pack is free now.


thank you so so much been wanted for a long time i will make game with it and you will in the credit promise

why is this doesnt show at your page anymore?


I bought this package from you. Thank you very much. Can I use this package for my game in Steam?

Yes, you can use these sprites in your games, commercial or otherwise. Thanks for purchasing.

Hello, i purhase your sprites to support you because you have nice animation of ninja character. Can you add Samurai character?


Hey man. I can't promise anything for the moment since I'm very busy, but when I update it again I will definitely add some samurai assets.

There appears to be a few missing frames within this set.

Hi, could you elaborate?

Hi, I actually think it is just the way the frameswere exported from your sprite application, the break in animation come out as blank frames. No worries :)

Yeah you're right. I used blank frames to separate each animation in the strip. Thanks for clarifying.

Is that possible to support jumping with shoot weapon and  melee weapon?

Excelent work. Your animations are so smooth and I love the amount of variations you have here.

Might I suggest a rifle animation as well? I can probably jerry rig one, but nothing as good as the animations you have here.

Thanks, it's appreciated.

It has been quite a long time since I last worked on this pack and I didn't have plans for another update, but if you tell me what variant it is that you're using I could probably put together some rifle animations for it easily enough.

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ummm... all of them... lol

if you want I'll pay for the extra work if it is an inconvenience to you.

I'm currently using them for a PUBG2d, so the amount of variations is great.

Well if it's a only a couple of animations I can probably churn them out. Exporting them into folders is the time consuming bit, but if you've got a use for them then it'll be worth it. No need for extra payment. Are you looking for a modern assault rifle, or something a bit older?

just a generic rifle. And actually just for the medium skin tones of the skins. Not the other skin tones. If you have time to do both an old and a modern, I would be much obliged.

I just updated the pack.  I added two kinds of rifle (the second could also work as a shotgun). You might wish to adjust the timings or skip a frame to make rapid-fire look snappier. I also added crouch shooting since I figured it'd be useful.

I hope you get some use out of them. Thanks for purchasing.